After meandering  for months with a website that doesn’t lead anywhere, we’re replacing it with one that may. This is about more than self promotion. We want to broadcast our wavelength in ways that people can easily discern and engage.

People? What people? As recent followers of Aaron Crumm at University of Michigan, we no long say people without qualification. People don’t even exist unless they’re particular people whom we understand and who have reasons to want us.

Therefore we are designing our new website specifically for four types of people:

  1. Those whom we’ve met and made curious. (“What is this startup that I can’t pronounce?”)
  2. Those who know us well enough to consider investing. (“If I give them money will they fritter it away?”)
  3. Those who want to do business with Humaginarium as employees or contractors. (“Hey I love what you’re doing, will you pay me to do it too?”)
  4. Those who just want the latest news about Humaginarium. (“They’re creating a new website? BFD!)

Aaron, if you are reading this, know that our new home page features little more than a big fat question: “What brings you here?” It’s actually a multiple choice question with four answer options. There’s no “none of the above.” When people show up who, for example, are poking around the Internet with nothing much on their minds, we ignore them. We’re a little like a clerk behind the counter at Brooklyn Bagel.

The new website has a designed look that will be as hard to perceive as our name is to pronounce. The look is inspired by suprematism (look it up). Our choices of typography are likewise inspired by early 20th Century arts and crafts: Priori Sans Alt in our logotype and Neue Kabel everyplace else.

Because we understand the people we are designing for, we expect them to spend less than 30 seconds deciding whether our website is a waste of time and attention. So our text is very short, though much longer than advertising copy.

The website will go live in April. When it does, look it over and click the icon in the upper right of any page. That’s how to send feedback and suggestions, which we will deeply appreciate.

Author: Robert S. Becker, Phd

Founder and CEO of Humaginarium LLC

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