About Me

My roles at Humaginarium include principal investigator, creative director, information architect, instructional systems designer, and writer. I learned these competencies from experience rather than formal training. The experience began in 1985 when I transitioned from a professorial career (funded research and undergraduate teaching in the humanities) to an entrepreneurial career in educational technology and communications for industry. I created training simulations, serious games, and multimedia courseware for business enterprises, health systems, nonprofit health associations, and academic institutions. I founded two tech startups: one in 1994 and another in 2016. I was a member of two business incubators specializing in health science and technology. I participated in two cohorts of NSF I-Corps (Midwest and National). I served as a peer reviewer for two NSF cores (Learning and Cognition Technologies; Digital Health), and for the IHA Health Literacy program. My passion for scientific and health literacy was spawned by family crises in the 1990s that I have gratefully managed ever since, learning from arduous experience how hard and costly it is to get healthcare for chronic illness anywhere in the United States. Most of my professional activity since the early 2010s and all of the work I have planned for the future contribute to the mission of patient empowerment.

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