Humaginarium helps people feel good about themselves in a world that doesn’t.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth and a lot more besides. Nobody asked why and God didn’t say. The universe was not a tech startup.

Humaginarium is a tech startup. Everyday we’re asked why and other questions. What is it? When did it begin? Where’s it heading? How will it get there? This is what we say.

Why Humaginarium? Because nothing like it exists and because people need it. Lots of people. It will help them feel good about themselves in a world that doesn’t.

What is it? Scientific video games that reveal the human body in its majesty, beauty, complexity, and meaning. Not the cadavers of medical school, but the homo ludens of high culture. Played to enjoy, learn, improve health and well-being.

When did it begin? In Chicago in the spring of 2016. Grew from one founder with a dream into four earnest professionals. Still slogging through formative research and development. No short cuts. No mantras. No brass rings.

Where’s it heading? Near term to a working, testable prototype, a pre-money valuation, and a commercialization plan. Long term to an Atlas moment when the world pauses and considers what we did, and smiles gratefully.

How will it get there? Tireless unpaid contributions of executives and advisors. Leading to funding by the National Science Foundation, private foundations, angels, sponsors, and sooner than later consumers and patients who pay to play and learn for free. Amen

Preparing for Liftoff

Imagine biology lessons where you experience your body as a fantasy rather than a fact. is an online diary of happenings in our startup. We’re sharing news, strategies, technologies, designs, milestones. And asking for help. If you like what we’re doing, you can follow us right here.

Humaginarium believes people don’t really understand their bodies. If they did, they would take better care of them and be healthier. They don’t because biomedicine is about as easy to understand as Ancient Greek.

We’re betting on the powers of video games and sims to change that. Imagine entertainment where you experience your body as a fantasy rather than a fact. Where you explore chemistry and biology in immersive adventures to overcome depression, pathogens, and genetic defects. Where you take charge of your life instead of delegating it to strangers.

Soon you won’t have to imagine such entertainment because Humaginarium is making it. We’re nudging folks to wellness.

Working Newton-WilliamBlake
Scientific entertainment. Variation on Newton, by William Blake